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How To Shop

How to Shop / Cara Berbelanja


Choose the item you want, click on it's picture
Pilih produk yang diinginkan, lalu klik pada gambar


Click "Buy It Now" button if you want to buy only this 1 item, or "Add to Cart" if you want to purchase several items
Klik "Buy It Now" jika Anda hanya ingin membeli 1 produk ini, atau klik "Add to Cart" untuk membeli beberapa produk


The notification if the product has successfully added to the Cart
Notifikasi bahwa produk sudah berhasil dimasukkan ke dalam Cart


In this Cart page, please make sure that your order is correct and put the Voucher Code (if you have one) in the box. Then click "Order"
Di halaman Cart ini, pastikan bahwa pesanan Anda sudah benar dan masukkan Kode Voucher (jika Anda punya) ke dalam kolom. Lalu klik "Order"


After fill in the form in this page and choose the payment method you want, please read the Terms & Condition then tick the box. You can proceed to "Complete Order". Congratulations, you just made your first order at The Fepi ^^
Setelah mengisi data diri dan memiliki metode pembayaran, harap baca bagian Terms & Condition lalu ceklis kotak di samping. Anda pun dapat melanjutkan ke "Complete Order". Selamat Anda telah berhasil membuat order pertama Anda di The Fepi ^^



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