Stay Girly With Your Boyfriend Outfit

Have trouble what to wear ? Don’t worry you can borrow your boyfriend outfit to look girly.  A man’s closet mostly fill with oversize clothes, monochrome outfit like black and white. If you mix and match it nicely definitely you will look pretty as well even wear your boyfriend outfit



These are the following items that usually a man own in their wardrobe and you can check it out!!


1 Denim Shirt


Based on research ,approximately most of 99 % men own a denim shirt in their wardrobe. Button up your boyfriend shirt and wear it with skinny jeans, or wear it  unbuttoned and loosen it for alternative look.  A skinny-leg will ensure that the shirt doesn’t swamp your feminine frame.

2  Basic T-Shirt


Men love to wear T-Shirt. Most of men have many T-Shirt in their wardrobe .Fortunately, men’s t-shirts are almost as versatile for women to wear it. Throw one of your boyfriend’s t-shirts over jeans, trousers, shorts or skirt . You can style it up with lipstick and heels or style it with earrings to look more feminine and girly .

3 Boyfriend Jeans 


Borrowing boyfriend jeans can be tricky choice, there is possibility it might be little too big for you to wear it. You have two options , either wear your own belt, or buy a men’s jeans that actually perfectly fit you. Recently a baggy jeans and comfortable style of boyfriend jeans have grown popularity , pair it with your favorite feminine outerwear and nice accessories

4 Sweatshirt

If you have been eyeing his sweatshirt for some time, now is the time to ‘borrow’ it. Wear the sweatshirt with ultra-girly elements like lace skirts, to give it a feminine spin. You could even wear them on a pair of skinny leggings and pair it with your favorite heels for an evening look.

5  Jacket 

There is something incredibly alluring about a jacket worn loosely as a cape over a dress. Or you could even wear it with leather leggings and heels and a tank top. If the sleeves are too long, don’t feel shy to scrunch up the sleeves for an effortlessly chic look.

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cornelia wongso nice and cute ribbon heels

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jessica lauwy hai cc

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