made in Korea, smartphone waterproof Pack

Product Description

- Anti air bahkan di kedalaman 50m
- Desain triple lock & material yang bisa menembus layar
- Terbuat dari material ringan 48.5g, yang dapat dibawa kemana-mana dengan mudah
- Airbag di bagian belakang mencegah HP Anda hilang karena akan mengambang dalam 1 detik
*** Harap tes terlebih dahulu dengan meletakan tisu di dalam
** 1 set terdiri dari tas ritsleting / anti air / kalung


- 수심 50M 에서도 끄떡없는 강력한 방수기능
- 3중 잠금 설계 구조 & 부드러운 화면 터치가 가능한 소재
- 48.5g 초경량으로 제작되어 어디서나 편하게 휴대 가능
- 후면에 에어백이 장착되어 1초만에 수면위로 떠올라서 스마트폰 분실 방지
*** 사용전 휴지를 넣고 물속에서 꼭 테스트를 해주세요
** 지퍼백 / 방수팩 / 목걸이 구성


- Water resistant even at 50M depth
- Triple lock design structure & material that can touch a smooth screen
- Made of 48.5g ultra lightweight, it can be carried anywhere easily
- Airbag on the back prevents the smartphone from being lost because it floats on the surface in 1 second.
*** Please put a tissue paper before use and test it in the water.
** Comes in a set of zippered bag / waterproofing / necklace



SIZE (cm)
Size Length Waist Hip Crotch Thigh Hem
Stretch Thickness See-through Inner-fabric
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made in Korea, smartphone waterproof Pack

Price Rp.  250,000



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