Term and Condition


    1.1    Welcome to PT. Ide Picup Group (“Application”) platform. Please read the following terms of service carefully before proceeding with the application or opening an account with PT. Ide Picup Group (“account”) to know the legal rights and obligations in connection with PT. Ide Picup Group International Indonesia and its affiliates and subsidiaries (each and together, ‘PT. Ide Picup Group” or “we”). “Service” that we offer or provide including (a) Application, (b) service provided by application and software by PT. Ide Picup Group available on application, and (c) every information, landing page, features, datas, texts, images, pictures, graphics, music, sounds, videos (including livestreams), messages, tags, content, programming, software, application services (including, but not limited to, every mobile application service) or other materials available on the application or related services (‘content”). Every new feature added or raising the service is subject to this terms of service. These terms of service also manage the service usage that is provided by PT. Ide Picup Group.

    1.2     Before becoming a user of the application, one has to read and accept all terms and conditions related to the terms of service and give agreement regarding the personal data procession as stated on the privacy policy regarding this terms of service. 

    1.3    PT. Ide Picup Group has the right to change,suspend, or terminate everything or some parts from the application or services at any time or after giving a notice as required by the law and regional rules. PT. Ide Picup Group sebagaimana dipersyaratkan oleh undang-undang dan peraturan setempat. PT. Ide Picup Group dapat meluncurkan Layanan tertentu atau fitur tertentu dalam versi beta, yang mungkin tidak berfungsi dengan baik atau sama seperti versi akhir, dan kami tidak bertanggung jawab dalam hal demikian. PT. Ide Picup Group juga dapat membatasi fitur tertentu atau membatasi akses Anda ke bagian atau seluruh Aplikasi atau Layanan atas kebijakannya sendiri dan tanpa pemberitahuan atau kewajiban.

    1.4     PT. Ide Picup Group reserves the right to refuse to grant you access to the Application or Services or allow you to open an Account for any reason. By creating an Account (as defined below) at PT. Idea Pickup Group or use the Services of PT. Ide Picup Group (as defined below), then you as the Account Owner (as defined below) declare that you agree to be bound by the PT. Ide Picup Group and policies regarding changes or improvements to the Terms of Service in the future ("PT. Ide Picup Group Terms of Service").

    Read the Terms of Service PT. The following Picup Group ideas carefully before using the PT. Ide Picup Group. You are welcome not to use the ideas of PT. Ide Picup Group if it does not align by the Terms of Service of PT. Ide Picup Group


    2.1     Your privacy is very important to us at PT. Ide Picup Group. To better protect your rights we have provided PT. Ide Picup Group's idea to explain our privacy practices in detail. By using the Service or providing information on the Application, you:

    (a)        Approved the action of PT. Ide Picup Group's idea to collect, use, disclose and/or process your Content, personal data and User Information as described in the Privacy Policy

    (b)       Agreed and acknowledged that the ownership rights to User Information are jointly owned by you and PT. Ide Picup Group; and

    (c)       Will not, directly or indirectly, disclose your user Information to any third party, or otherwise allow any third party to access or use your User Information, without the prior written consent of PT. Ide Picup Group.

    2.2     Users in possession of other Users' personal data through the use of the Services ("Receiving Parties") hereby agree that, they will (i) comply with all applicable personal data protection laws in relation to such data; (ii) allow Users whose personal data has been collected by the Receiving Party (the "Disclosing Party") to delete the data that has been collected from the Receiving Party's database; and (iii) allow the Disclosing Party to review any information that has been collected about them by the Receiving Party, in each case (ii) and (iii) above, in accordance with and where required by applicable law.


    3.1     PT. Ide Picup Group grants you limited, revocable permission to access the Service subject to the terms and conditions of these Terms of Service. All exclusive Content, trademarks, service marks, brand names, logos and other intellectual property ("Intellectual Property") displayed on the Application are the property of PT. Ide Picup Group and where applicable, third party owners identified in the Application. No right or permission is granted directly or indirectly to any party accessing the Application to use or reproduce Intellectual Property, and no party accessing the Application can claim any right, ownership or interest in it. By using or accessing the Service you agree to comply with copyright, trademark, service mark and all other applicable laws that protect the Service, the Application and its Content. You agree not to copy, distribute, republish, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, modify, adapt, rent, sell, or create derivative works of any part of the Service, Application or Content thereof. You also may not, without our prior written consent, mirror or frame any part or all of the content of this Application on any other server or as part of any other web Application. In addition, you agree that you will not use any robot, spider or other automated device or manual process to monitor or copy our Content, without our prior written consent (such consent is deemed given for standard search engine technology used by search web applications). Internet to direct Internet users to this web Application).

    3.2     You agree that PT. Ide Picup Group may for any reason in its sole discretion and with or without notice or liability to you or any third party, add, replace, and/or modify, model methods, algorithms or other automated processes available when providing the Services, including but not limited to: not limited to services related to Advertising PT. Ide Picup Group or other services provided by PT. Ide Picup Group. 

    3.3     You may link to the Application from your web application, provided that your web application does not imply endorsement by or association with PT. Ide Picup Group. You acknowledge that at its sole discretion and at any time PT. Ide Picup Group may stop providing the Services, either in part or in whole, without notice.


    Any software provided by us to you as part of the Service is subject to the terms of these Terms of Service. PT. Ide Picup Group reserves all rights to the software which are not expressly granted by PT. Ide Picup Group in these Terms of Service. Any third party scripts or code linked to or referenced from the Service is licensed to you by the third party that owns such script or code, not PT. Ide Picup Group.


    5.1 You represent and warrant that you are a competent person according to law and have the authority to enter into an agreement and carry out its rights and obligations under the agreement.

    To be able to access and use the Services of PT. Ide Picup Group, you have to register at PT. Ide Picup Group by creating an Account.

    5.2 Account creation includes providing your full name, date of birth, domicile address, telephone number, valid email address. PT. Ide Picup Group may reject your application for Account creation, or cancel an existing Account, for any reason, at PT. Ide Picup Group.

    5.3 You are responsible for maintaining the security of your Account password. PT. Ide Picup Group is not and will not be liable for any loss or damage from your failure to keep your Account and password secure.

    5.4 PT. Ide Picup Group will not ask for a password or OTP code related to your Account for any reason, therefore PT. Ide Picup Group urges you not to give your account password or OTP code to any party, either to third parties or to parties on behalf of PT. Group Pickup Ideas.

    5.5 You acknowledge that you are responsible for the Content related to your Account and all activities you undertake in connection with the use of the Services and Content.

    5.6 You agree that PT. Idea Pickup Group will use the email address and phone number you provide as the primary method of communication.

    5.7 If PT. Ide Picup Group suspects any activity that violates the Terms of Service of PT. The idea of a Picup Group, then PT. Idea Picup Group reserves the right to label such Accounts “Suspicious Accounts''.

    5.8 In the event of any violation of the Terms of Service of PT. Idea Pickup Group, as determined at the discretion of PT. Idea Pickup Group, PT. The Ide Picup Group reserves the right to immediately terminate the Service for you.

  6. Seller Shop Conditions

    6.1. Seller content type

    a) style: A photo of the seller's styling posted in the feed section (seller's creation)

    b) Products: Every product registered/marked by the seller (same as the product in our store)

    6.2. Content Terms/Restrictions:

    a) Each photo must tag at least 1 product (Photos posted without product tags are not allowed)

    b) Products that are NOT purchased by the seller or are NOT tagged in the styling photo CAN also be listed in the seller shop.

    c) If the number of products purchased & registered: 10, the Seller can list the products that are NOT PURCHASE up to 10

    d) If the product is not purchased from us, but is sold in our STORE, the Seller can tag the product.

    e) If the product that the seller wants to tag/sell has not been entered in our STORE, then it CANNOT be tagged. (But if the seller wants to sell, you can request like Jastip)

    6.3. Minimum Posting to open a seller shop;

    a) Style: Min. 4 posts or more (no maximum limit)

    b) Product: Min. 4 products (min. 1 product per style)

    c) A maximum of 5 product tags in 1 style photo

    6.4. For products, Total number of tagging limits;

    a) Early opening: Up to 3 sellers can tag/sell products (First come, First Serve)

    b)But if the seller has bought the product, the seller can tag/sell unlimited

    6.5. Upload criteria for Style by seller

    a)Based on photos where items in clothing can be seen CLEARLY (Full or Partial)

    b) Low resolution, poor composition, or outfits that are not clearly visible can be rejected

    c) Photos not related to styling photos, inappropriate content and photos using your own shop/brand/product will be rejected

    6.6. Filtering process for photos

    a) Early opening: Will be posted after prior consultation with selected seller

    b)Basically, the 'pre-screening' process for content uploaded by sellers is DELETED

    c) Screening and guidance is done randomly by random staff

    d)The report function will be introduced, so that users are able to report malicious images directly, and the staff will do a review upon the images beforehand. 

    e)Correction/deletion of images (fist) > if repeated (more than 3 times), a warning/account suspension will be taken.

    6.7. Seller Reward  

    a) When a customer buys a product through a seller’s post/link/submission, the reward will start to be generated! 

    b)Reward income/commission: 5% of product price (set amount at initial opening)

    6.8. Seller Reward Monetization Requirements;

    a)When a customer purchases through a seller shop, 5% of the selling price is recognize as an ‘Unconfirmed balance(revenue)

    b)After the ‘purchase confirmation’ (‘Order complete’) is being changed to ‘Withdrawable Balance(revenue)’ then it can be cashed out

    c)‘Withdrawable balance’ can be withdrawn at least above Rp.50,000 (IDR)

    6.9. Reward Monetization Options;

    a)Available monetization options: i. Cash Payment ii. SHOP Poinonation

    b)'Cash-out' can be proceeded via Bank Transfer - It requires seller information (name, ID card, etc.) - Seller enters Bank information/Account Number/Account holder name - Cash withdrawal after VAT or 10% tax deduction - Transaction fee will be charged when transferring to a bank other than our company’s registered bank - the process may take up to 3-5 days after submission.

    c)If it has been converted into Shop points, it cannot be returned to money or to cancel the conversion

    6.10. Seller’s Donation Scheme;

    a)Seller can set the donation amount in % before starting the sale (if the % is set to 0.5%, the seller’s profit will be 4.5% from 5%)

    b)The details of the Seller’s arrangement are also notified to the customer in advance at the Seller Shop (for example, Rp.xxx will be donated to xxx)

    c)Donations can be selected even after the monetization process after the sale 

    6.11.How Seller Donations Work;

    a)Partnership with related communities/Social Groups (example : Environmental Protection, Child Welfare, Animal Care, etc.)

    b)The company promotes/exposes the progress of donation activities every month on a regular basis


    7.1     Permission to use this application and service is valid until terminated. This license will terminate as set out in these Terms of Service or if you fail to comply with any term or condition of these Terms of Service. In such cases, PT. Ide Picup Group may perform such termination with or without giving notice to you.

    7.2     You agree not to:

    (a)       upload, post, transmit or create a content that trespass the law, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, worrying, disturbing, tortuous, libelous, vulgar, obscene, defamatory, invasive of another’s privacy, hateful, or contains elements of SARA or others;

    (b)     upload, post, transmit or otherwise make available content featuring unsupervised minors or use the services to harm minors in any way;

    (c)        use the service or upload content to impersonate another person or entity, or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity;

    (d)      falsify header or otherwise manipulate identifiers to disguise the origin of any content transmitted through the service;

    (e)        remove notice of ownership rights from the Application;

    (f)        cause, permit or authorize the modification, creation of derivative works, or translation of the service without the permission of PT. Ide Picup Group;

    (g)      use the services for the benefit of third parties or in a manner not permitted by the permissions granted herein;

    (h)       use the services or upload content in a way that deceives, scamming, falsifies, misleads or defrauds;

    (i)       open and/or operate multiple user accounts in connection with actions that clearly violate these Terms of Service or the intent of these terms of Service;

    (j)     accessing the application, opening a user account, or otherwise accessing a user account by using any unauthorized hardware and software from PT. Ide Picup Group, including but not limited to, emulators, simulators, bots, or similar hardware or software;

    (k)         manipulate the price of any item or interfere with other users list;

    (l)        take actions that could damage the feedback or rating system;

    (m)    attempt to decompile reverse engineer, disassemble or hack the service (or any part of thereof), or to defeat or overcome any encryption technology or security measures implemented by PT. Ide Picup Group in connection with the service and/or data sent, processed or stored by PT. Ide Pickup Group;

    (n)        take or collect any information about or regarding other account holders, including, without limitation, any personal data or information;

    (o)        upload, emailed, post, transmit or otherwise make available any content that you are not authorized to provide under a legal or contractual or fiduciary bond (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information learned or disclosed as part of an employment relationship or under a non-disclosure agreement);

    (p)         upload, emailed, post, transmit or otherwise make available any content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any party;

    (q)     upload, emailed, post, transmit or otherwise make available any unwanted or unauthorized advertising, promotional material, “junk mail”, “spam”, “chain letters”, “pyramid schemes”, or any other unauthorized form of solicitation;

    (r)        upload, emailed, post, transmit or otherwise make available any material that contains viruses, worms, trojan-horse software or other computer code, routines, files or programs designed to directly or indirectly affect, manipulate, interfere with, destroy or limit functionality or the integrity of any computer software or hardware or data or telecommunications equipment;

    (s)         interrupt the normal flow of dialogue, cause the screen to “scroll” faster than other users of the service’s typing speed, or perform actions that negatively affect other users’ ability to communicate in real time;

    (t)        affect, manipulate or interfere with the service of servers or networks connected to the service or other users use and enjoyment of the service, or disobey the requirements, procedures, policies or regulations of networks connected to the application;

    (u)      any action taken or engage in behavior that may directly or indirectly damage, disable, overburden or interfere with the service or the servers or networks connected to the service;

    (v)      use the service to knowingly or unintentionally violate any applicable local, state, national or international laws, rules, codes, directives, guideline, or policies or regulations including, without limitation, laws and requirements (whether legally enforceable or not) relating to anti-money laundering or anti-terrorism.

    (w)        use the service to violate the privacy of others or to “stalk” or harass others;

    (x)      violate the rights of PT. Ide Picup Group, including any intellectual property rights and any passing off of such intellectual property rights;

    (y)       use the service to collect or store personal data about other users in connection with the prohibited behavior and activities set out above; and/or

    (z)       register goods that infringe copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights of third parties or use the services in a manner that would violate the intellectual property rights of other parties; and/or

    (aa)      request, correspond to, and/or engage with, or provide information regarding user activities when using the service to media and/or research companies, for any purpose including by not limited to market research, satisfaction surveys, or other forms of marketing without the written consent of PT. Ide Picup Group.


    We reserve the right to change or discontinue the Service for any reason, by giving notice to the Account Owner prior to termination or change.

    We reserve the right to refuse to provide services to anyone for any reason at any time. 

    We may, but have no obligation to, remove content and suspend or terminate accounts if we determine in our sole discretion that the goods or services offered, or content uploaded or posted to the online store, violate PT. Ide Picup Group as well as the applicable laws and regulations.

    Account abuse in any form verbally or in writing (including threats of abuse or threats of requests for compensation) for every customer of PT. Ide Picup Group, employees, members, or officers of PT. Ide Picup Group will result in immediate termination of the account. 

    PT. Ide Picup Group does not pre-screen content and in this case, PT. Ide Picup Group has absolute discretion to refuse or remove any content from the service, including the Online Store.

    We reserve the right to provide our services to your competitors and we do not promise exclusivity in any particular market segment. You further acknowledge and agree that the employees of PT. Ide Picup Group may also be the customer/owner of the Online store and that they can compete with you. In this case they are still subject to the Privacy Policy of PT. Ide Picup Group in protecting user data of PT. Ide Picup Group.

    In the event of a dispute regarding account ownership, we reserve the right to request documentation to determine or confirm account ownership. The documentation is any document related to the account including but not limited to the identity card registered with PT. Ide Picup Group or other documents that are not prohibited by applicable law.

    PT. Ide Picup Group reserves the right to determine, in our sole judgment, the legal ownership of the account, and to transfer the account to the rightful owner. If we are unable to reasonably determine the rightful owner of the account, without prejudice to legal rights and remedies, PT. Ide Picup Group reserves the right to temporarily deactivate the account until a decision has been made between the disputing parties.

    PT. Ide Picup Group reserves the right to refuse, cancel, terminate, suspend, lock, or modify access to (or control of) any account or service (including the right to cancel or transfer domain name registrations) for any reason (as determined by PT. Ide Picup Group in its sole and absolute discretion), including but not limited to the following: (i) to correct errors made by PT. Ide Picup Group in offering or providing any service (including domain name registration), (ii) to protect integrity, and stability, and correct errors made by, domain name registration or registrar, (iii) to assist fraud detection and prevention efforts and our abuse, (iv) to comply with court orders against you and/or your domain name or web application and applicable local, national and international laws and regulations, (v) to comply with law enforcement requests, including subpoena requests, (vi) to comply with any dispute resolution process, (vii) to defend any legal action without consideration of whether such legal action or legal action is threatened ultimately determined to be joint or unfounded, (viii) to avoid civil or criminal liability on the part of PT. Ide Picup Group, its officers, directors, employees and agents, and affiliates of PT. Ide Picup Group, including, but not limited to, instances where you have sued or threatened to sue PT. Ide Picup Group or (ix) to respond to an excessive number of complaints related in any way to your account, domain name, or content on your web application that may result in damage to the business, operations, reputation or shareholders of PT. Ide Picup Group.


    9.1 PT. Ide Picup Group supports one or more of the following payment methods:

    (i)       Credit Card

    Payments made using cards will be processed through third-party payment channels, and the types of cards accepted through those payment channels may vary depending on the country in which you are located.

    (ii)    Bank Transfer

    Customers may make payments to PT. Ide Picup Group's preferred warranty account via Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) or internet bank transfer ("Bank Transfer '') (as determined in Part 13). Customers must provide proof of transfer or transaction reference to PT. Ide Picup Group for verification reasons by utilizing the 'Upload Payment Receipt' function available on PT. Ide Picup Group's application as a payment confirmation. If PT. Ide Picup Group rejects the customer's payment confirmation within three (3) days, the customer's order will be canceled;

    (iii)     3rd Party Payment Gateway (PT. Midtrans dan PT. Duitku dan PT. Kredivo)

    By allowing PT. Ide Picup Group's payment services, PT. Ide Picup Group connects You to a third-party payment gateway (PT. Midtrans dan PT. Duitku dan PT. Kredivo). To support PT. Ide Picup Group's payment services, each Online Shop Account will be created with an e-wallet called PT. Ide Picup Group (thefepi), which serves as a temporary storage location for transaction payment money.

    (iv)    Other payment methods as displayed on Application

    9.2      Customers may modify their payment method for purchases only prior to completing a transaction.

    9.3      PT Ide Picup Group is not liable for and disclaims all liability for any loss or damage incurred by Customers as a result of incorrect shipment and/or payment information entered by Customers or incorrect cash transfer by Customer relating to item purchase. We are entitled to verify Customer's eligibility for a particular payment method and to proceed with the transaction until authorisation is confirmed, or to cancel it if confirmation is not available.


    The Online Store can offer its consumers a variety of delivery service providers using the Delivery System Service feature of PT. The Ide of Picup Group.

    In offering Shipping Services, PT. Ide Pickup Group connects you with a Third Party Service Provider (as specified in Article 7.1 of PT. Ide Picup Group's Terms of Service), which is a reputable delivery service provider, namely: JNE.

    (each denoted by the term "Delivery Service")

    The Customer will be charged a delivery service fee ("Shipping Fee") for each delivery activity performed by the Delivery Service, which will automatically increase the amount due by the Customer.

  11. ISSUE

    11.1 Each Customer and Seller agrees and undertakes not to file a lawsuit or make any other claim or complaint (whether civil or criminal) against PT. Ide Picup Group (except where PT. Ide Picup Group is the Seller of the product subject to the claim) in connection with any transactions conducted through the Application or any issues arising from such transactions.

    11.2 To be clear, the services described in this Section 26 are offered solely to Customers covered by PT. Ide Picup Group's warrant. Customers who wish to make purchases using alternative payment options must contact the Seller directly.


    12.1 By submitting Content for inclusion on the Service, you represent and warrant that you own or otherwise control all of the rights and/or permissions necessary to provide PT. Ide Picup Group those rights and/or permissions. Additionally, you acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for anything you post or make available on or through the Services, including, without limitation, the accuracy, reliability, nature, permissions for rights, compliance with applicable laws and legal restrictions, and the accuracy, reliability, nature, permissions for rights, compliance with applicable laws and legal restrictions relating to Content contributions. You hereby grant to PT. Ide Picup Group and its successors worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicensable, and irrevocable permission to use, copy, distribute, republish, transmit, modify, adapt, create derivative works, publicly display, and publicly contribute such Content to, through, or in connection with the Services in any media format and through any media channels, including, without limitation, to promote and redistribute portions of the Services (and You acknowledge that your contribution may be transmitted across several networks and may be modified to conform to and adapt to technical requirements.

    12.2 Any Content, materials, information, or ideas that you post on or through the Service, or that you transmit to PT. Ide Picup Group in any other way (each a "Delivery") are not considered confidential by PT. Ide Picup Group's and may be distributed or used by PT. Ide Picup Group without compensation or liability to you for any purpose, including, but not limited to, developing, manufacturing, and marketing products. By submitting to PT. Ide Picup Group, you acknowledge and agree that PT. Ide Picup Group and/or other third parties may independently develop software, applications, interfaces, products, and modifications and changes that are functionally, aesthetically, or otherwise similar to the ideas contained in your Submission. As a result, you hereby grant to PT. Ide Picup Group and its successors a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicensable, and irrevocable license to develop the foregoing goods, as well as to use, copy, distribute, republish, transmit, modify, adapt, create derivative works, publicly display, and publicly perform any Submission on, through, or in connection with the Service in any media format and through any media channels, including, but not limited to (and derivative works). These Terms do not apply to personal information covered by our privacy statement unless you make it publicly available on or through the Service.


    You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless PT. Ide Picup Group, and its shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, agents, co-brand owners and other partners, and employees (collectively the "Indemnified Parties'') from and against any and all claims , legal actions (including but not limited to civil and criminal law actions), legal proceedings, and lawsuits and all matters relating to liabilities, losses, settlements, penalties, fines, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, any costs settlement of other problems) issued by the Indemnified Party arising out of or relating to: (a) any transactions made on the Application, or any issues related to such transactions (except where PT. Ide Picup Group is the Seller in the transaction related to the problem), (b) Guarantee PT. Ide Picup Group, (c) hosting, operating, managing and/or administering the Services by or on behalf of PT. Picup Group Idea, (d) violation of any provision of these Terms of Service or any policies or guidelines referenced herein by you, (e) your use or abuse of the Service, (f) violation of law or third party rights by you or (g) any Content uploaded by you.


    If any provision of these Terms of Service is found to be unlawful, void, or unenforceable under the laws of any jurisdiction, that provision shall be deemed severable from these terms and conditions and shall have no effect on the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions in that jurisdiction, as well as the validity and enforceability of such provisions under the laws of any other jurisdiction.


    These Terms of Service are regulated by and construed in compliance with Indonesian law. Unless required by relevant law, all disputes, conflicts, claims, or disagreements of any sort arising out of or in connection with these Terms of Service shall be resolved in favor of or against PT. Ide Picup Group or one of the Indemnified Parties may bring a claim against the other in accordance with these Terms of Service, which will be heard and resolved in the South Jakarta District Court.


    16.1 All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved by PT. Ide Picup Group.

    16.2 PT. Ide Picup Group reserves the right to modify these Terms of Service at any time by posting the modified terms on this Application. Your continued use of the Application following the posting of such modifications constitutes acceptance of the new Terms of Service.

    16.3 You may not delegate, sublicense, transfer, or subcontract any of your rights or duties under this Agreement.

    16.4 Nothing in these Terms of Service shall be understood as creating a partnership, joint venture, or delegation of authority between you and PT. Ide Picup Group, or authorizing you to incur any expenditures or responsibilities on behalf of PT. Ide Picup Group.

    16.5 The failure of PT. Ide Picup Group to demand the implementation of any term of these Terms of Service at any time or in any specific instance shall not impact its right to enforce such provision in the future, unless such provision is waived in writing.

    16.6 Except for the affiliates and subsidiaries of PT. Ide Picup Group, these Terms of Service are only for your and our benefit (and their respective successors and representatives of PT. Ide Picup Group and its affiliates and subsidiaries).

    16.7 These Terms of Service, together with any agreements and policies incorporated or referred to in these Terms of Service, constitute the parties' entire agreement and understanding with respect to the Service and Application, and supersede any prior agreement or understanding between the parties in this regard. Additionally, the parties expressly disclaim all implicit terms. The parties do not rely on any information, representation, warranty, understanding, undertaking, promise, or warranty other than those expressly provided for in these Terms of Service in entering into an agreement governed by these Terms of Service. Each party irrevocably and absolutely waives all claims, rights, and remedies that this Section may have in relation to any topic covered by the preceding sections. These Terms of Service cannot be contested, explained, or augmented by evidence of a prior agreement, concurrent oral agreement, or other consistent clauses.

    16.8 You agree to comply with all applicable laws, statutes, regulations, and codes, including any amendments thereto (if any), relating to anti-bribery and corruption, including without limitation Law No. 11 of 1980 concerning the Crime of Bribery, Law No. 31 of 1999 concerning the Eradication of Criminal Acts of Corruption, as last amended by Law No. 20 of 2001, the United Kingdom Bribery Act, and the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and confirms that you have and

    16.9 If a payment is discovered to have been made for an illegitimate purpose, such as hacking, the funds are forfeit and civil or criminal procedures may be instituted.

    16.10 If you have any questions or concerns about these Terms of Service, or any difficulties that may emerge from them or the Application, please contact us at help@thefepi.com.

Legal Announcement: Please submit any legal announcements to help@thefepi.com with the subject line "For Attention: General Counsel."




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